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Web Hosting Services is the service of providing storage space to individuals or organizations, for the websites that are accessible via WWW ( World Wide Web). Web hosting companies allow you to buy space on the web server and provides you a control panel for managing your hosting accounts.Once a website is created, all the website files are stored on a physical hard drive and accessible on the Internet using a server so that your website’s content can be served to your visitors and potential customers.

Bagful offers a hosting plan that provides all the features your website requires. We offer a number of hosting plans and packages, customized to meet the needs of our clients at different levels. Our web hosting solutions provide speed, security, and reliability at an affordable prize. Our Web Hosting services also offer domain names, site-building tools, website design and development, search engine marketing, emails, web security and much more

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Types of Web Hosting

There are various types of web hosting services available to host your website:

Shared hosting is the most popular type of web hosting and is suitable for beginners, personal sites, and small businesses. Also called as the virtual hosting, shared hosting this type of hosting is very cost effective and good for small websites where your space and speed are not very important. In shared hosting, you share the same server with multiple websites each having its own domain name.In shared hosting traffic on one site will affect the speed of all other hosted website.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is more powerful than shared hosting. A VPS hosting is also a type of shared hosting, but the way it is shared is very different. The website is placed on a VPS server with other websites, but there are fewer websites per server. You will be the complete owner of your virtual dedicated server and will have a dedicated bandwidth and dedicated RAM for your site. VPS hosting is bit more expensive than shared hosting but is suitable for more advanced users, websites with high traffic and medium size business

With Dedicated hosting the entire server will belong to you and your website(s). You’ll have complete administrative control over it. This type of the hosting is the most expensive one as the cost of the server operated is not shared and completely paid by the server user.This type of hosting is very similar to virtual dedicated hosting, but here, a complete server will be allotted for you. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than VPS hosting and should be considered when you have a very high traffic requirement.

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