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Bagful International is committed to providing top quality technology and web-hosting services to businesses across the Australian continent. Our website solutions are constantly upgraded to administer the most efficient and effective services. The ultimate endeavor of our company is to help improve your online presence.

In rendering our services, we take utmost care of our clients and do our job with utmost sincerity. We believe in long lasting fruitful associations. However, given the nature of the business and the ever changing dynamic business environment, there exists a remote possibility that our business needs and the needs of our clients may not align.

Bagful International reserves the right to withdraw/refuse services to anyone at any time. Under no circumstances, Bagful International will be liable for any business loss, loss of data, or other commercial damage which results from termination of services.

With the purchase of every product or service from Bagful International, you are entering into an agreement with Bagful International that is bound by below listed Terms & Conditions.

  • Web Services and Maintenance:
    • Bagful International reserves the right to withdraw its services in case the content or information transmitted on the website is unlawful, obscene, threatening, libelous, and abusive or encourages criminal mischief and gives rise to civil liability. The content should be legitimate in all respects and should be in accordance with Australian laws applicable to contracts enforceable in that state.
    • Bagful International constantly upgrades and maintains it servers. While we strive to deliver seamless services and signals at all times, we do not guarantee a continuous or uninterrupted service. Our servers are placed overseas, so upon service failure or un-rectifiable fault or defect, Bagful International reserves the right to replace or resupply an equivalent or similar service within no particular time span whatsoever.
    • Copyright Infringement/Software Piracy:Customers cannot directly or indirectly copy and download the Software installed on the dedicated server, except when it is necessary to install on Hardware and for internal, archival purposes. Anyone indulging in such unlawful activities will have to bear the consequences under the copyright infringement laws.
    • Backups:Bagful International strongly recommends all customers to keep backups of their data. Bagful International cannot be held responsible or liable for loss of information in case of Hardware failures.
  • Payment and Prices:
    • Outstanding Dues: All invoices stand payable on the due date. Failure to clear invoices by the due date will attract late payment charges.
    • Price Change: Bagful International may vary its prices and service costs from time to time. The new pricing schemes will be posted on our websites and Bagful International is under no obligation to inform clients separately.
  • Contract Cancellation, Suspension or Termination:
    • In case Bagful International suspects malicious activity that directly or indirectly hints misuseof web services, the account services will be terminated with immediate effect without prior notice.
    • Spam, sending bulk unsolicited emails, illegitimate forum posting or indulging in any other inappropriate method of promotion may attract immediate suspension or termination of account.
    • Insolvent accounts will be terminated without prior notice. Charges applicable to reactivate accounts will be levied thereafter.
  • Domain Name Registrations, Transfers and Renewals
    • Domain Registration –Domains names once activated by the Domain Registrar are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded. The onus of providing the requisite documents for domain name registration lies with the customer. Bagful International is not liable for unsuccessful domain name registration in the event of non-submission of complete information by the client.
    • Domain Transfers – Domain transfers usually takes 5-7 days. For .au domain names the duration is approximately 48 hours. The process to expedite transfers is beyond the preview of Bagful International. The company therefore cannot guarantee on how long a domain transfer will take to complete. It is customer’s responsibility to obtain appropriate transfer codes from current Domain Registrar prior to placing a domain transfer order with Bagful International.
    • Domain Renewal –Domain names must be renewed before the listed expiry date to avoid the domain from becoming inactive. Bagful International will send notifications pertaining to upcoming domain renewals in advance. As a normal practice, Bagful International will send such notification 60 days prior to their expiration date. Bagful International does not take responsibility for a website becoming inaccessible due to domain name expiration.

By completing the ordering process and by entering into a hosting contract with Bagful International you agree to have read, understood, and are bound by these Terms & Conditions.

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